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What Can A Google Smart Home Do?

Google Smart Home: Cool Things To Do

Google has introduced some devices that can make your home smart. Many people have purchased these devices to transform their home into a Google Smart Home. These smart devices have so many features along with the security that can make your home smart. Here, we describe the exciting things you can do in google home that first-time users must know.

Interconnect All The Google Devices

You can broadcast all the devices in your homes. All you need is to give them a command. You can broadcast these devices even when you are not at home. Each device will trigger when you provide them with the command to broadcast.

Google Smart Home: Cool Things To Do
What Can A Google Smart Home Do?

Google Smart Home Can Control Your Home Appliances

The google assistant device has the ability to control your appliances of more than 100 brands, including LG, Nest, Whirlpool, and many others. You can give different commands to them. Hence, they can dim your lights, turn on a microwave oven, or even change the temperature of your air conditioners. There are thousands of task that you can quickly do using these smart devices.

Remind Yourself To Workout

You must do any workout to make your body healthy. But many people forget about it in the busy days. You can set a reminder in the smart devices for a specific time.

You Can Make Hand Free Calls In Google Smart Home

It is one of the most exciting features in your google smart home. If you need to call anyone in your google contacts then give a calling command to it. It can even recognize your voice when you share the device to more than one people.

Google Smart Home Can Find Your Lost Phone

If you are not able to find your home at home, google can find it for you. It will make your phone to ring just by giving the command. It supports Android as well as the IOS version.

Easy To Switch In Night Mode

There is the night mode in your smart device. It will lower its volume and dim its light so that it doesn’t disturb the other members during the night time. However, you can manually turn the volume up when you’re alone.

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What Can A Google Smart Home Do?

It Can Speak Different Languages

One of the most features that make it unique all over the world is that it can speak many languages. It can speak Italian, Spanish, French, and many other languages. Hence, it has gained a lot of popularity in different parts of the world.

Find Local Businesses Around Your House

It will show you the relevant results when you ask it to do so. You can find plumbers, handymen, and many other businesses in your area using the devices. All you need to do is give them a command to find the shops in your area.

Set Daily Routines

The device will tell you all about your schedule of the day in the morning. It will also tell you about the news and make you aware of the weather.

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