Provide Your Family With Healthy And Clean Water They Deserve With This Unique and Aesthetic Tea Kettle! -

Provide Your Family With Healthy And Clean Water They Deserve With This Unique and Aesthetic Tea Kettle!

Electric cookware has become an integral part of every modern kitchen. From imported cooking utensils to electric kettles, many homes have begun to move away from the traditional cooking methods used in modern, electric-powered methods. While people can boil water even at the import cooking stove, electric kettles provide very efficient performance, especially on time. They are also easy to carry.

Stainless Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is used to boil water for just a few minutes. The water just needs to be poured into the kettle and followed by the click of a button, it starts to heat up. For an electric kettle to work, it needs a metal coil. When connected to a power source, electricity flows into the heating element, causing the object to heat up because of its resistance. This heat is then transferred to the water in the kettle. Electric kettles hands down beat all the other creations of these modern times. There have never been things that are easier and more liberating than electric kettles when it comes to current needs. Electric kettles adhere to their many functions, it is the best thing a person can get for himself or his family. Think of a daily routine, the need to drink tea, coffee, cook noodles, boil eggs and think of one machine that can do everything. There is nothing better than an electric kettle in this regard. The electric kettle becomes the best friend.

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  • Heating Method Underpan Heating
  • Power (W) 1500W
  • Voltage (V) 220V
  • Capacity 1.2L
  • Function Safety Auto-Off Function
  • Certification ROHS
  • Time to market Mar-14
  • Scale Mark Inwall Mark
  • Model Number SF2049
  • Power Source 220V/50HZ
  • Style Electric Kettle
  • Feature Cordless
  • Shell Material STAINLESS STEEL
  • Automatic Shut-off Yes
  • Thermal No
  • Heating Speed 4-6 minutes
  • Color redblack
  • Quality GenuineOriginal
  • Material stainless steel
  • Cord length 0.8m
  • weight 1100g

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  • An electric kettle is used in many ways that can be used to boil water, prepare tea, and boil eggs. That is why the electric kettle is an excellent companion for everyday use.
  • The electric kettle is faster than the normal kettle, which in turn helps the user to save time by quickly delivering hot water.
  • Modern electric kettles come with advanced features that include temperature control that allows the user to boil water at a specific temperature.
  • The electric kettle saves energy compared to the electric kettles on the stove. However, large electric kettles use a lot of energy.
  • The electric kettle is the best companion for most travelers, in a way, the electric kettle is portable and easy to use.
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  • Compared to stove kettles an electric kettle is more expensive
  • Almost all electric kettles are made of plastic or contain plastic parts, so, compared to an electric stovetop kettle the kettles tend to have fire hazards.
  • Although the electric kettle has several advantages, it still consumes electricity and can increase electricity bills.
  • Electric kettles are made of plastic and can sometimes melt if the thermostat fails


Science and technology have provided relief for people in all walks of life by making things easier. Modern technology is another milestone in the history of science and technology, using innovative ways to save money and speed up work.

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