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Outdoor Security Camera: Its Various Types

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Our home is one of our most prized belongings. It contains almost all of our valuable things. Sometimes we even keep a handsome amount of money at home for some work. All the home appliances like the refrigerator, television, music systems, personal computers, etc. are costly too and can be an easy target for burglars. All of us keep at least some pieces of precious jewelry at home, which again are an easy target for the burglars. Therefore one thing that we all should do is install Outdoor Security Camera outside our household. They are readily available in the market and come in lots of varieties. Every home should buy one these cameras which suites there needs the most. Here is a list of cameras that are voted the best:

Outdoor Security Camera: Its Various Types

Outdoor Security Camera: Its Various Types

Outdoor Security Camera I – Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

The nest cam outdoor security camera comes with a 1080p HD camera quality and also a 130-degree broad-angle lens to quickly and capture the surroundings and all the people visiting. It has an app through which you can stay up to date with everything that is happening in outside your home. This camera is weatherproof and has a sleek look which will go well with all types of houses. It has a two-way audio system through which you can quickly speak to a person standing outside your home. This isn’t all; it even has a night vision too to record crystal clear videos at night.

Outdoor Security Camera II – Swann Bullet Camera

Another excellent outdoor security camera is the Swann Bullet Camera. It comes with a 102-degree broad angle to view the home surroundings efficiently. The 1080p live video will quickly catch any movement outside your house, which you can see later. The True Detect™ PIR motion sensor automatically detects any suspicious activity or motion and instantly send you notifications to your mobile. It designed in such a way that it is weatherproof and also captures crystal clear videos at night. It can detect warm things like human and cars using the True Detect™ Heat Sensing.

Outdoor Security Camera: Its Various Types

Outdoor Security Camera: Its Various Types


This security camera is one of the best of its kind available in the market. It is made of heavy metal and has a 112-degree field view with bright, colored footage. This camera comes with a 4K image sensor and 4K video recording, which is more than three times better than 1080p HD video. It is a weatherproof outdoor security camera with crystal clear night vision. It can record the footage up to 200 feet.


It is a wireless security camera with a 720p HD camera quality. It is IP65-certified weatherproof and can record up to 65 feet at night. The Zmodo security camera system offers a mobile app through which you can see real-time footage anywhere and at any time. Zmodo also offers cloud service to store all the recorded video footage which you can watch and share later. This camera can also pair with Amazon Alexa to provide a hands-free camera control.

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