Home Security Camera: The Benefits Of Wireless Ones

Home Security Camera: The Benefits Of Wireless Ones

Security cameras are installed by almost everyone nowadays. With an increase in crime throughout the world, security cameras are a must for your homes, shops, and everywhere else. Do you ever leave your house feeling over your house’s safety? Do you think someone is watching your house? The perfect solution to all these questions is simple – install a Home Security Camera. You have the option of opting either wired or wireless home security cameras. If you are skeptical about the wires ruining your home’s aesthetic, then the best option for you is the wireless camera. This will help to keep your house safe while you go to work.

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Home Security Camera: The Benefits Of Wireless Ones

The Main Difference Between Wired And Wireless Home Security Camera

When the first security camera was introduced in the market, they were all wired. We had to connect these cameras to a power outlet for it to work. There are cameras available in the market that still use that technology. This type of camera uses wires to transmit the video signals to a device with which you can view it.

A wireless security camera, on the other hand, as the name suggests, lacks any wires. The video as well as audio signals (to some extent) is transmitted over a wireless network connection to a receiver which then connects it to a viewing device. We can use Computers and cloud storage accounts to store the video for watching it later.

The Benefits

•   It is much easier to install than its wired brother, and therefore, you won’t even need a professional for its installation. On top of that, it has a clear view as well.

•   Wireless security cameras do not give a messy view like a wired security camera. Moreover, they are cheap.

•   Moreover, these cameras are less expensive and are easier to move and transport

•   They even take less time for installation than its wired counterpart. Thereby are handy for people who change home frequently.

Home Security Camera: The Benefits Of Wireless Ones
Home Security Camera: The Benefits Of Wireless Ones

Limitations Of Wireless Home Security Camera

Even if wireless home security cameras sound perfect for your home, like everything else, it too does have some limitations. You have to keep in your mind these limitations and then buy it if it suits you.

•   A wireless security camera requires a good network connection at all times. It must have an excellent connection to your network so that it can record and store footage. A lack of proper respect will not let it send footage to your viewing device.

•   Also, some security cameras are entirely wireless. They require batteries to work. So you have to keep checking it and make sure that you replace the batteries as soon as they run out. Or even better if you return them before they run out entirely.

•   The wireless security camera can be too far away from the main router. In a house, the range can be up to 150 feet most of the times, but it may vary with different companies. It also depends on your house’s building material. Things like glass and drywalls usually don’t impact the signal strength.

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