Google Smart Home Products To Make Your Home Smart Enough -

Google Smart Home Products To Make Your Home Smart Enough

Google Smart Home Products

Google Assistant has made the lives of people hassle-free. Just a few commands can do all the important work like making calls, searching on the internet, setting reminders, and many more things. This Artificial Technology can also be used effectively with other household devices. Isn’t that amazing? Google Smart Home Products have not only saved time and energy but have also made a lot of tasks very easy. The presence of these products gives an aesthetic appearance to the home also. This article will deal with the description of some of the Google Smart Home products

Google Smart Home Products – Google Nest Hub max

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It is one of the best Google Smart Home Products. It is an all-in-one smart home display. This device has great speakers, a clever motion tracking feature, a privacy switch that blocks the camera and microphones, and makes video calls using Google Duo. It is the finest competitor to Amazon’s Echo Show. It is also a better version of its previous version with a three inches larger display. Its camera is compatible with making video calls and can also be used as a security camera. It has facial recognition and neat play/pause gestures. It is considered one of the best Google Smart Home products enabled with Google Assistant.

Google Smart Home Products – August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

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Next in the series of Google Smart Home Products is August Wi-Fi Smart Locks. These are smart wireless lock systems that enable a person to lock-unlock the house using artificial intelligence. They have a Bluetooth facility also. It has a great auto-lock and auto-unlock feature. It is very easy to install and is quite hassle-free. The settings are quite easy to understand. Features like DoorSense let the person know if the gate is left open. It can be used by giving voice commands.

Google Smart Home Products – Ecobee (5th Generation)

Next in the list of Google Smart Home Products is the Ecobee (5th Gen) which is a smart thermostat. Perfect for the winter season, this product is amazing. It has excellent remote sensors. It even supports Spotify and has decent speakers for an enriching listening experience. With this device, a person can easily monitor the temperature of all the rooms and even change as required. It has an excellent feature of sensing both temperature and the people present in the room. So, it will make the room cool only if people are present in the room. Quite a power-saving device.

These were the three best Google Smart Home Products of 2021 that will make any home as smart as Google.


All the google smart home products work well with Google assistant. All these products have respective apps and setups that should be installed properly before using them. Some of the products can also be used with other voice-recognizing technologies like Alexa. If you are planning to invest in Smart home products, then make sure you stick to the brands you know very well considering it is going to be quite the investment for you.

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