Coolest Smart Home Devices And How COVID Pushed The Market Ahead

Coolest Smart Home Devices

Pandemics and Epidemics have been threatening humans time and again. H1N1, SARS, Ebola, and many more have shown their teeth in the past, but with each such pandemic or epidemic outbreak, we are learning new ways of managing and fighting such unexpected diseases that can potentially kill millions of people. However, Technology cannot prevent the onset of the pandemics; it can help to prevent the spread, warn, educate, and empower those on the ground to be aware of the situation, and noticeably lessen the impact. Today, with converging technologies like mobile, robotics, cloud, AI/ML, analytics, 4G/5G, and high-speed internet, it has become possible to test several innovative approaches to the pandemic response. Apart from that, the pandemic outbreak is fuelling some smart and coolest home gadgets market. Here is some coolest smart home device that covid pushes the market ahead.

Smart Home Voice Control Device 

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Recently, with so many people working from home, the value of voice control devices during the pandemic outbreak will ensure that this year, voice control device shipments will grow globally. A smart home can be a safe home always. Smart Voice devices have already made significant inroads into the smart home space. Using voice control means people can avoid the touched surfaces around the home, from smartphones to light switches, TV remotes, door handles, thermostats, and more. However, voice can also be leveraged for online shopping and information gathering.

  • The device can talk to the person in another room. 
  • It can control the TV without a remote. 
  • Provides the option to link with smart home devices. 
  • Use routines to perform multiple tasks at once. 

Nest Hello: Video Doorbell

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The Nest Hello video doorbell connects to a Wi-Fi network so you can see who’s at the door in real-time. The doorbell can also capture and store three hours’ worth of video clips for free. In this covid-19 pandemic outbreak, the demand for this doorbell is growing rapidly as it can avoid the meeting of any stranger.

  • Capture and store the figure or image for up to three hours for free. If you want more, then you have to subscribe. 
  • Integrates with nest and google products. 
  • Optional facial recognition technology. 
  • High resolution, 160-degree viewing angle, night vision features are available. 

Smart TV 

Like smartphones, smart TVs provide numerous internet-connected services that you can’t get from any standard television. In a lot of ways, they’re like a computer – only without email and word processing functions – offering you extra features such as media streaming, apps, games, and web browsing. In this covid-19 situation, people are spending their time more at home, that is why the demand for the product is growing.

  • Provides a fast user interface. 
  • Streaming lots of video service on this TV.
  • You can play video games as well. 
  • Transfer the smartphone content to the smart TV. 
  • Provides app store services. 

These are some of the useful and smart home devices that are growing rapidly in the covid-19 outbreak. People are spending more on these products for their home appliances.

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