Cool Features About The Merkury Smart Doorbell

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Installing a doorbell in your home can be an easy task. However, if ever you’ll decide to go the “smart” way, why not go for Merkury smart doorbells instead? The company which made this product is one of the reputable names out there. So, if you’re curious enough, read what’s below to know more about its amazing features.

Being Water Resistant

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One of the doorbell’s awesome highlights is that it is water resistant. Being water-resistant is vital for every smart device to stay longer. The doorbell’s interior is equipped with a sophisticated electronic system to provide you with maximum accuracy and precision. 

It is obvious enough that doorbells are mounted outside of the house. That’s why it’s vital for this product to be shielded as much as possible to protect it against the elements. The delicate tech located inside is what gives the product its reputation.

Very Easy To Install

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Installing this smart device is easy as 1-2-3 and it only requires little expertise. You can put in it front of your gate, porch, or beside your door. This product is your best option if you want to go wireless. Moreover, it is also a good choice if like the idea of a portable chime box installed in every room.

You just have to install the unit for the wireless doorbell. Then, sync the button unit with your Wi-Fi router and your smartphone afterwards. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself being able to monitor your house from anywhere.

High Quality Images

It is always important to know who’s behind the door to save you time and keep you safe. That’s the reason why this smart doorbell comes with a built-in camera. Aside from that, it also has a two-way speaker system plus a night vision capability. This will allow you to talk to whoever is behind the door.

Other Useful Features

Other features of this smart doorbell include a motion detector that works 24/7 night and day, for added layer of security. It’s capable of sending you alerts in your smartphone in real time. Aside from that, it also works with Google Assistant to make your life even more automated and efficient. Lastly, the ability to share access to family and friends is also helpful, especially during emergencies and events.

Review And Store Footage

It is inevitable that sooner or later, we will want to check what’s happening outside our house. There are times when we are curious why our dogs bark during the middle of the night. This is the main reason why this smart doorbell comes with a slot for microSD cards. It is to provide footage and the ability to share it with others. After all, a footage is one of the strongest evidences you can present in case of emergencies.

Final Thoughts

Modern innovations provide new ways to protect your loved ones inside your house. One way is by installing a doorbell to keep you aware of guests outside. However, one must choose a smart doorbell to fully utilize its purpose and maximize safety.

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