Choosing the Right Smart Doorbell Camera

smart doorbell camera

A smart doorbell camera is an important security device for homeowners. It will record any motion that occurs in your home, be it an intruder’s, a child’s, or even a burglar’s. There are many different kinds of cameras available on the market.

One great feature of a doorbell camera is the ability to turn it on and off by yourself. Most cameras today come with a remote control, which makes it very easy to turn them on and off. You may want to set up a motion-activated light outside your home so that your daytime camera can easily detect movement while in nighttime mode. A good wireless doorbell camera will come with a night-time sensor to help detect movement at night, but if you have one that needs to turn on and off by itself you may need to get a wired sensor.

Best Quality Cameras

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A good wireless camera is not cheap. Most models that have a high resolution and video quality will cost you upwards of $100. The most expensive model may be an excellent purchase. However, there are many options out there that you can still make a great purchase.

Doorbell cameras come in many different styles. These include the traditional hard-wired type that have wires coming off of the main house, wireless types that connect directly to a keypad, and a combination of the two. You may want to research the different types and choose one that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

Advanced Detection System

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The best wireless doorbell cameras will come equipped with a motion detection system. This allows the camera to automatically switch from night-to-day mode to daylight mode depending on what is going on around the perimeter of the home. You’ll want to look for a doorbell camera that comes with at least a 90 degree angle and comes equipped with a long-range night-to-day/day switch so that you can see in any direction without having to move.

A great feature of a motion detection system is that it can detect movement even when the person is standing just outside of your home. This makes it a great option for families with children as it’s simple to trigger the camera if they decide to go outside.

Recording Mode

Another great feature is the fact that a motion detection system can also trigger a recording mode if there are motion-sensitive lights on the exterior of your home or motion-sensitive outdoor lights around your home. You can create a live video feed from any point of your property and use that to capture the moments right on your camera.

In addition to motion-sensitive outdoor lights, you should also look for one that has an adjustable setting so that you can adjust its range so that you can monitor certain areas of your property at certain times of the day. You can also adjust the camera’s angle, zoom in and out, or switch between night and daylight modes so that you can see in front and back of your home.

Speed Can Be Determined

There are some great features available that allow you to determine the speed at which the door opens and closes, as well as the light sources being used for night time. For example, if you have children who need to be awakened in time for school and you want to protect them from the dangers of getting a scare, a motion detector camera will be the perfect solution. However, it might not be the most appropriate choice for some people as the sensitivity varies based on the light source and the range of the motion detector.

There are some great options that will allow you to choose which exterior lights to activate or deactivate and there are also some that will automatically activate the alarm when the doorbell rings or when someone arrives home. Some cameras can also detect smoke and heat signatures that you don’t want to wake up to.


Of course, if you’re looking for a wireless camera then there are some options that will allow you to set the parameters on your camera so that you can view what’s going on outside the home when you’re away. One great feature is the ability to record and play back the footage in high definition. If you want to keep a history of your family while on the road, then this is a great feature to consider.

When purchasing a smart doorbell camera, remember that all cameras are not created equal. You’ll want to get a product that meets your particular needs and your budget. When looking for a camera, read reviews and check out what other consumers think of each model and find a system that’s right for your home and your family.

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