Audiosmart Alexa Smart Home Products - New Alexa Programmable Homes -

Audiosmart Alexa Smart Home Products – New Alexa Programmable Homes

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Amazon and Conexusant have teamed up to introduce Alexa Smart Home Products for more home appliances with the new AudioSmart 2-Mic Development Kit. This new development kit, which is developed for a Raspberry Pi, is now widely used by Alexa-enabled devices, including televisions, speakers, thermostat, lights, and even televisions. This product will make it easier for users of various home appliance products to program them to respond to spoken commands.

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Main Functions Of Alexa

The main function of Alexa is to provide customers with relevant information on what they are looking for. However, Alexa Smart Home Products will provide consumers with the ability to do more. It will allow users to change the settings of certain appliances like lights, televisions, or televisions to set different colors. They will also be able to customize different settings of various devices, such as a television to show different pictures.

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Users can also set different options for different rooms in the house. Alexa can change the settings to display different images depending on the room. It can change the thermostat to adjust the temperature or even adjust the temperature in one room to another. Alexa can do many things that other voice assistants cannot.

Release Date Of The Devices

This new device is expected to be available in early 2020. When it does become available consumers will be able to buy it directly from Amazon, or they can order it from various other retailers, including Best Buy. Amazon and Conexusant are expecting to expand their Alexa products as the company continues to grow.

The AudioSmart 2-Mic Development Kit was developed by Audiogalaxy, a division of Sonoma Networks. The company has been creating high-end software programs for the home entertainment market for several years. With this new development kit it will be possible for consumers to easily integrate Alexa into their existing audio devices and programs. They can program Alexa to control the functions of certain appliances like TVs, speakers, or lamps, as well as control certain features of a television.

Other Features Of Audiosmart Alexa Smart Home Products

Home users will be able to change the settings for different rooms with a simple touch of the microphone on their phones. This way they can change the color of their lamps, the temperature, or even the volume in any room of their home. All of this will be done without having to change the actual bulb or the bulb itself.

Alexa will also allow users to set the time and day of the week for television in any room of the home. It will also be possible to change the channels. These are just a few of the features that will be offered when you use the Alexa Smart Home Products.


Audiosmart is a leading provider of Alexa smart home products that are compatible with all other Alexa smart home devices. The company provides both hardware and software for use with most Alexa compatible devices.

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